Lead Conversion

Convert More Leads and Drive a Higher ROI

Lead conversion is a product of various processes in the metaphorical lead funnel. A lead funnel is the visual representation of the journey that a promising lead goes through before becoming a paying customer. Lead conversion involves the following stages:

  • Creating Awareness about a product/service 
  • Seeking to develop Interest in the product/service
  • Waiting for the lead to Evaluate the product/service
  • Bolstering the lead’s interest in the product/service using Engagement practices, including special offers, follow up email campaigns, and success stories
  • Reaping the reward of Purchase/Sale

At Niftel, our experienced and qualified staff is committed to converting your leads. As a result, we are one of the leading sales and lead conversion service providers. Thereby, our highly trained staff knows exactly how to use the best conversion practices to push more leads down the sales funnel.

Our Expertise in Lead Conversion

Whether yours is a new business or you have created a legacy, it’s paramount to convert leads into sales. While it’s easy to have the vision to convert maximum leads, in practice, it takes considerable effort.

This is where Niftel steps in with its expertise in lead conversion. With our outsourcing philosophy, our main aim is to help you capture more lead opportunities than ever before. Coupled with our robust lead response matrix, our trained staff helps you capture more leads through:

  • Competent and Compliant Outsourcing
    Our staff stands out with its competence in expertly handling calls. Additionally, we are fully compliant with industry practices and carry out your lead response within the ambit of rules and regulations. You can leave all your worries behind!


  • Smart Contact Strategies
    Our staff takes pride in reducing your lead response time. We do so with our smart approach to balance inbound and outbound communication. 


  • Expertise in Multiple Industries
    Our experienced team has worked with a wide range of industries over the years. Therefore, we are confident that we can take your lead conversion game to a whole new level, regardless of your industry.


We invite you to trust us at Niftel to help you achieve a better ROI for your business. Our expertise in lead conversion, coupled with more than ten years of experience can give wings to your business. Moreover, we know how to align our approach to your business model. You can rely on our lead response experts to begin a whole new lead conversion journey.